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Avocado Oil for Healthy Cooking

Everybody wants to be in good shape. The key to success is to find the balance between exercising and healthy eating. So how can we make sure the cooked food we eat are as healthy as possible? When it comes to cooking, its better to cook with oil than butter or lard to reduce on saturated fats intake. But with the large array of cooking oil choices in the supermarket, how do we know what’s the best oil to cook with?

Let’s look at the benefits of Avocado Oil today.


Avocado oil can withstand the heat, and yet is chock full of healthy fats. With a high smoke point of about 510 degrees, avocado oil is the perfect choice for high heat cooking. All cooking oils have a smoke point – the temperature at which the oil begins to burn. Many people don’t know that when an oil heats past its smoke point, the fatty acid profile will be degraded, hence producing toxins, free-radicals and even trans fats. Avocado oil has a similar heart-healthy profile as olive oil (high in monounsaturated fat), and contains high antioxidant content. Cooking with avocado oil helps to lower chance of creating dangerous compounds, and even with frying, avocado oil benefits our health and it tastes much better!  Avocado oil can safely be used for all high heat cooking applications, salad dressing, baking and also serves as a wonderful bread dip.

DIY – Avocado Lemon Salad Dressing


– 1 medium ripened avocado, with skin and pit removed– 1/4 cup water – 2 tablespoons sour cream– 2 tablespoons lemon juice– 1 small garlic clove– 1/4 cup fresh dill– 1/2 teaspoon honey– Salt and pepper to taste


Place all the ingredients into a blender and process till done. Serve with salad greens.<<Photo Credit:>>

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