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Cortisol Is Responsible for Your Belly Fat

There may be several reasons that you’re piling on those few extra pounds around the belly – you’re aging, eating out too much, or gulping down beer by the bucket every Friday night. On a scientific basis, the hormone called cortisol is actually significant in being responsible for belly fat.Cortisol is a stress hormone produced by the adrenal cortex. Our ancestors found that the level of cortisol and adrenaline in the body system surged when they were in situations of “fight or flight”, empowering them with an enhanced ability to flee or fight. However the cortisol levels returned to normal when they managed to escape from danger.Although the situations of panic we experience today are probably not so much related to fleeing from wild animals, the working adults of today are faced with another serious problem; we are perpetually experiencing so much pressure and stress that our cortisol levels never seem to return back to its normal level. This is a result of our very primitive nervous systems. Constantly running errands, scolding and nagging at the kids, working too hard, and lacking sleep will see your cortisol levels shooting up. The nervous system records and misinterprets all these activities as danger and releases cortisol. And, simultaneous with the continuous release of cortisol is the deposition of fat in the belly.So how to get rid of that atrocious belly? First, you must examine your diet closely. Be honest with yourself. Is there too much sugar, simple carbohydrates, salt, fast foods or fats? If you’re guilty of these indulgences, then it’s no surprise that you’ve developed a round middle, because these types of food naturally cause the blood sugar levels to skyrocket. You have to start by getting rid of this extremely unhealthy diet and look for a more nutritious, wholesome one.However if you find that there’s nothing unhealthy about your diet, then you could hazard a guess that your belly is probably a result of cortisol. Now, the most important task for you would be to schedule at least 30 minutes of exercise daily. It could be as simple as taking the stairs or parking a little further away. It doesn’t strictly have to be a sport. Be creative. As the fats burn away, you will be able to feel the muscles developing and yourself becoming leaner.Sufficient sleep is also vital. If you are well rested, your cortisol levels will fall, however a lack of sleep will cause them to climb back up. Also, a multitude of many supplements are available to supplement the lowering of your cortisol levels.

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