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Is Ester C Really Better For You?

Ester C is a unique form of vitamin C. It is manufactured through a water-based process that causes a neutral pH product and naturally occurring vitamin C metabolites. These metabolites are believed to make it easier for the body to utilize the vitamin in cell-to-cell transport.A clinical study has shown that the Ester-C vitamin C maintained its levels in the body for up to 24 hours. Additionally, the white blood cell levels were also elevated 24 hours after the dosage of Ester-C was taken. The presence of the metabolite threonate is believed to be the cause for the levels of vitamin C being retained.Additionally, it is believed that individuals who are sensitive to the acidity of vitamin C and citrus foods. Many people are sensitive to vitamin C and report heartburn occurring after taking a regular vitamin C supplement. Individuals who have taken Ester-C report that they have a significantly reduced level of heartburn, if any after taking it. Therefore, Ester-C is believed to be gentle on the stomach and non-acidic.Ester C was discovered twenty years ago by an Arizona physician named Edwin Goertz, MD, while seeking help for his wife who could not tolerate traditional forms of vitamin C. Vitamin C upset her stomach and Goertz was seeking a new form that would be easier on her to take. Goertz mixed water, ascorbic acid and calcium ascorbate to come up with a non-acidic version of the vitamin.Many physicians agree that Ester-C is an ideal source of vitamin C for those individuals who are unable to take the traditional form of vitamin C. However, they do question whether it is better than traditional forms of vitamin C. However, because Ester-C does contain vitamin C metabolites, it is believed that it allows the “door to open” for additional vitamin C to make it into the cell, which also keeps the vitamin in the cells longer.Despite the many benefits noted with Ester-C, it is still a somewhat controversial subject as to whether it is really better or not. Most physicians recommend patients take vitamin C with bioflavonoids, but if you suffer from ulcers, esophagitis or gastritis, then Ester-C is the better option for you.

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