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Are Liquid Vitamins Better?

With the introduction of several liquid vitamin supplements available in the market today, there are many people wondering if liquid vitamins really are better. Manufacturers claim that liquid vitamins are able to be absorbed much more quickly by the body because they don’t have to be first digested as a tablet does.There are several advantages and disadvantages in liquid vitamins. For instance, liquid vitamins are great for people who are already on several pills, whether they are prescription medications or additional vitamin supplements, and simply cannot bear the idea of taking one more pill. A liquid vitamin formula can be easily taken and you receive your daily-recommended allowances without having to swallow one more pill.Additionally, liquid vitamins do not require binders or artificial colorings. Many people are sensitive to artificial substances that are often used in pills and tablets. Liquid vitamins do not include these additional substances and they also do not have artificial flavors or wax coating materials.Senior citizens may also benefit from liquid vitamins as well. This is because many senior citizens have difficulty swallowing and digesting pills. Because manufacturers try to pack all of the vitamins and minerals that they can into a vitamin tablet, vitamins become very large. Senior citizens often have a hard time to swallowing and digesting these pills. Their bodies also have a hard time assimilating the various nutrients out of pills as well.At the same time, there are a few disadvantages to liquid vitamins. They tend to be more expensive than vitamins in the pill form and many vitamins, particularly vitamin C, begin to break down over time. The breakdown is caused by exposure to air and may cause the potency of these vitamins to decrease as they are opened and stored.Before deciding on whether or not you should take a liquid vitamin, it is important to realize that the absorption of the liquid vitamin in most people is not much different from digesting and absorbing vitamins that are in pill form. It’s not necessarily true that liquid vitamins are better for you, but they are certainly more convenient for some people. The breakdown of the vitamins shouldn’t be of too much concern to you providing you are taking them regularly and not storing them for a long, extended amount of time.

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