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The Food and Mood Feud

Image Source: Living Green

The bond between your mood and food is strong. Your mood is able to cause you to devour an entire bag of cookies and dig into a whole tub of ice-cream goodness without thinking twice. When times get tough, you get eating.While consuming an excess of your favourite foods may wondrously and almost instantly calm you down in stressful conditions, are you aware that eating all that extras can have a negative effect on you? While you might be thinking that you deserve to be feeling better, your body doesn’t deserve the additional work. How then can you stay on top of things, even when you are down?Consistency is the key.

Here are 3 simple pieces of advice for you to stay on top of things.

1. Don’t neglect your intake of water.Staying hydrated is important for many reasons which can be derived from the fact that your body is composed of about 60% water. Drinking water regulates your body temperature and helps you maintain normal body function. The result is that you would feel healthier and more energetic. Staying hydrated also reduces in you the urge to drink sugary drinks.2. Maintain a healthy diet.Adjust your diet to cater to your individual needs, using factors like age, gender, and lifestyle (physical activities and stress) to gauge. As a rule of thumb, eat a wide variety of foods in moderate portions and proportions. Combine fresh fruits and vegetables, protein, and whole grains. A healthy diet gives your body the nutrition it needs to function optimally, while a poor diet can leave you feeling lethargic and moody.3. Stay physically active.According to the American Psychological Association, “exercise may improve mental health by helping the brain cope better with stress”. Stress resulting from physical activities have a vastly different impact on the body as compared to stress that comes from the environment and mind. Keeping your body working under the right kinds of stress is strategic in maintaining good health. If your body feels better, so does your mind. If you are not in the habit of exercising on a regular basis, begin with small steps. (If you are wondering how much exercise is enough, read this blog post.)Consistency in various areas in your life is key to maintaining an overall positive attitude. Hydrate yourself, eat a variety of healthy foods, and remain physically active to keep yourself energized. If you are consistent in observing these basic principles, you will very naturally be at your best, and be kept in good spirits!

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