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The Juice on Fruit Juice


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             Fruit juice is a household favourite. It is a drink that few parents would discourage their children from consuming. In fact, if you have children, you would much prefer your children to be drinking fruit juice rather than that sinful fizzy drink!Fruit juices are available in many forms and are nestled under many different labels. On one hand, there are homemade, freshly squeezed juices. On the other hand, there are juice drinks, juice cocktails, juice concentrates, and juices made not-from-concentrate”. What is the difference between the varieties available on the market?Juice drinks and juice cocktails are essentially the same. As they are not made out of 100% juice, manufacturers cannot label them to be so. As the ingredients are listed on the label, you should be able to find out the actual percentage of juice contained within the drink by referring to the label. These drinks also contain sweeteners, preservatives, and a range of other additives.The difference between juice made from concentrate and juice made not-from-concentrate lies in the processing they are subjected to. Juice made from concentrate is subjected to the process of having its water content extracted (and later diluted again upon packaging), while juice made not-from-concentrate is pasteurized without being concentrated. However, having pointed out the difference, it is important to note that juice made not-from-concentrate is not necessarily the fresher, more natural option! This is Part 1 of our Juice Journey!Read Part 2 Here.Read Part 3 Here.

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