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Thiamine and Diabetes

Thiamine, also known as vitamin B1, is a water-soluble vitamin that is very important in several different bodily functions. Without thiamine, there are very serious side effects that may result. However, when used appropriately thiamine can be an excellent source of help for those who suffer from diabetes.Several studies have used thiamine to treat those who have diabetes. Many individuals who suffer from diabetes have various complications with this condition. For one, kidney failure is a very serious issue that doctors are attempting to treat.Many researchers have worked in the lab with diabetic rats to investigate whether or not thiamine can be a logical treatment for diabetes. They have found that by adding thiamine to the diet, they were able to reduce the development of kidney disease by up to 80 percent.Kidney failure in diabetics and all people is a very serious condition. People who suffer from kidney failure are forced to go through a lifetime of dialysis treatments, something that is not only inconvenient, but also painful for many people at the same time.Because thiamine responds to blood glucose, it can be useful to those diabetics who have to watch their blood glucose very carefully. Thiamine, as a diabetes treatment, assists people with diabetics because they do not have to continuously monitor their blood sugar levels. This means that it is an excellent idea for diabetics to take thiamine on a daily basis.Nutritionists have noted nuts to be an excellent source of thiamine. Thiamine can also be found in fruits and veggies as well, which is what nutritionists would prefer people to eat the most. The issue, however, is that when you cook veggies, most of the thiamine is cooked out. Because of this, it is more beneficial to people to drink the juice of fruits and veggies to get their thiamine. Additionally, you can receive thiamine from pork as well.Individuals with diabetes will also find that thiamine supplements are an excellent way to ensure that they receive their daily requirement and then some. Thiamine is available as a liquid, as well as a 500 mg capsule. Capsules should be taken twice a day. This is a good dosage for both men and women who suffer from diabetes.

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