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Why Women Need To Take Calcium Supplements

95% of all calcium is found in the teeth and bones, and 1% is found throughout the muscle and other tissue. Calcium plays an important role in the clotting of blood, nerved conduction, and muscle contraction, and most of us are aware that it also plays an integral role in keeping bones strong and preventing osteoporosis in women.The risk factors for osteoporosis include post-menopause, small skeleton, being Asian or Caucasian, a family history, medications that negatively affect the bone, sedentary life, too much exercise, smoking, low body weight, and high alcohol consumption.Calcium is a way to reduce the risk of osteoporosis and keep bones strong. The National Institute of Health Consensus Conference and The National Osteoporosis Foundation recommend 1,500 milligrams of calcium per day for women that are postmenopausal.If you are thin you and postmenopausal you are much more likely to be deficient in calcium. To overcome this deficiency, it is important that you take a calcium supplement regularly. There are some things you should know before rushing out to buy calcium supplements.

  • Calcium should have magnesium with it for better absorption and vitamin D also helps calcium be better absorbed.
  • Not all calcium is effective. It depends on how much elementary calcium is provided.
  • Calcium can also help you sleep better.
  • It relaxes the muscle reducing muscle ache and spasm, certainly an added bonus.

You should not take any more than 2,500mg of calcium per day as higher amounts can lead to constipation, an increased chance of kidney stones, and inhibiting iron and zinc absorption.You can find calcium in milk, yogurt, cheese, dark green leafy vegetables, and foods that are fortified with calcium. If you are not receiving adequate calcium through your diet, you should take a supplement to ensure your bones are well protected. Calcium is much better absorbed by the body if you take a small doses every 6 hours. Each dose should not be more than 500mg.Calcium is like a life insurance for your bones. Do not risk the alternative.

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