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Vitamin-Packed Seaweed

A staple in Asian diets since ancient times, seaweeds are high in nutrients and pack a variety of health benefits. Seaweeds are one of the richest sources of minerals in the vegetable world! They are also almost fat-free, very low in calories, packed with calcium, protein, carbohydrates, phosphorous, magnesium, iron, iodine, and sodium, and vitamins A, B1, C, and E. […]

Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes, also commonly known as yams, are an excellent and inexpensive staple to have on hand. Sweet potatoes contain vitamin A, vitamin C, manganese, fiber, B vitamins, potassium and even iron. It is also a nutrient powerhouse that can help you bulk up or lose weight. These make you feel full after eating, keeping your […]

Is Ester C Really Better For You?

Ester C is a unique form of vitamin C. It is manufactured through a water-based process that causes a neutral pH product and naturally occurring vitamin C metabolites. These metabolites are believed to make it easier for the body to utilize the vitamin in cell-to-cell transport.

Does Vitamin C Strengthen the Immune System?

The immune system is our body’s defense against viruses, bacteria and infection. While maintaining a reduced stress lifestyle and participating in regular exercise are excellent for keeping your immune system strong, it often needs some help along the way. The types of foods that you eat on a daily basis are your primary sources for […]