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The Benefits of Astaxanthin for Healthy Aging

  The market is constantly flooded with new “miracle supplements,” but most fall short of expectations. Astaxanthin, however, defies this trend. This carotenoid is gaining significant attention in the medical community, and the reasons behind its impact are quite evident. Powerful Antioxidant Free radicals are molecules with unpaired electrons, which can lead to several negative […]

Choosing Quality Chia Seeds

A member of the mint family, Chia is obtained from the flowering Salvia hispanica plant. The reason behind this seed’s popularity- amongst nutritional experts and consumers alike- is its multitude of benefits.Chia is a rich source of healthy Omega-3 fatty acids. It is also high in antioxidants, fibre, protein, calcium and carbohydrates. Easily digestible and absorbed, chia hydrates the body through electrolyte retention, and energizes the body. It also supports muscle and tissue regeneration, and contributes towards cardiovascular health and joint support.

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Are you a chocolate lover? If you are, before you reach out for that tempting piece of chocolate candy bar or slice of chocolate cake, it’s important to know that not all forms of chocolate contain high levels of flavanols. Flavanol is a naturally occurring antioxidant found in various types of plants. Its antioxidant qualities can be extremely […]

Avocado Oil for Healthy Cooking

Everybody wants to be in good shape. The key to success is to find the balance between exercising and healthy eating. So how can we make sure the cooked food we eat are as healthy as possible? When it comes to cooking, its better to cook with oil than butter or lard to reduce on […]

Winning the War Against Disease and Premature Ageing

In many ways, if we wish to discover the path to health and wellness, we need to turn our eyes to our hunter-gatherer ancestors. The latter may have had shorter lifespans owing to long periods without food and attacks by vicious predators, but their bodies were free of some of the most common degenerative diseases faced by modern man, including osteoporosis and tooth decay. Interestingly, our Stone Age ancestors consumed far more than the current recommended levels of quality protein, essential fatty acids and fruits and vegetables.

Antioxidants And Your Health

For a healthy lifestyle antioxidants are important. They can be found in specific foods but they can also be taken as a supplement. Supplements are often easiest so you don’t have to try to figure out if you are actually getting enough through your diet. There are a variety of different antioxidant supplements that can […]