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Vitamins Made Fun: The Tastiest Chewables for Happy, Healthy Children

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Knowing Your Multivitamins

While there is no standard scientific, regulatory, or marketplace definitions for multivitamins, multivitamins can be categorized. As published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, multivitamins “vary in the types, numbers, and amounts of vitamins and minerals they contain and whether they contain other nonvitamin and nonmineral ingredients (eg, dietary fiber, botanicals, glucosamine, lycopene)”.

Choosing the Perfect Multivitamin

Paralyzed by the sight of a multitude of multivitamins on store shelves? There is indeed a wide variety of multivitamins both in composition and characteristics, so much so that making a selection can be a confusing and frustrating task for you. How then do you know which are the perfect multivitamins for you and your family?

Why Vitamin B9 is Important in Conception and Pregnancy

Vitamin B9 (folic acid) is an important part in everybody’s diet, but it is particularly important for women who are planning to become pregnant and those who are pregnant. Women in either situation need to put folic acid at the top of their nutrient checklist and ensure that they are regularly taking pre-natal vitamins as well as eating foods that are high in vitamin B9.

What is Biotin?

Biotin has a couple of names. It has been called vitamin B7 as well as vitamin H. Whichever name you choose to call it, it is a water-soluble vitamin that belongs to the B-complex vitamins group. Biotin has many uses in the body, but is particularly important in metabolizing fats and amino acids. It is also used in cell growth. Biotin is a key component in the Citric Acid Cycle, which is a process by which energy is created during aerobic exercise.

What is Beta Carotene?

Beta-carotene, we’ve all heard of it and we’ve all heard that it is good for us, but what exactly is it? Beta-carotene is the molecule in foods, such as carrots, that give them their orange color. It is a molecule found in your orange and yellow fruits and vegetables and it is even found in egg yolks.Carotenoids were isolated early in the 19th century and in the 1950s, we began using them for food colorings. Beta-carotene is essentially the most important precursor to vitamin A. Beta-carotene is known for its antioxidant properties as well and helps to prevent cancer a host of other diseases.

Vitamin K Injections for Infants

Because the child is vitamin K deficient, there is an impaired production of the various coagulation factors that are required for proper blood coagulation. The liver produces these factors.Newborns are relatively vitamin K deficient at birth for various reasons. Prior to birth, the placenta does not pass vitamin K to the baby sufficiently. This means at that the child typically has low stores of the vitamin K at birth. To compound the issue, breast milk has low levels of the vitamin and the gut flora has not yet reached the stage where it can produce vitamin K for the child naturally.

Vitamin B6 and Heart Disease

In 1995, The Cleveland Clinic Foundation performed a study involving a team of cardiologists as well as biologists. The study showed us that people who have low levels of vitamin B6 have an increased chance for developing heart disease.Recently, there have been many more studies on this topic as well. These studies have shown us that high levels of homocysteine are associated with coronary artery disease. Homocysteine is an amino acid in the blood and this increased level can cause heart attacks as well as strokes. Researchers believe that this link between homocysteine and vitamin B6 may even be more profound than the link found between folic acid and homocysteine.

Vitamin B3 in skincare

Skincare is always on forefront of people’s minds these days. Not only do they want to avoid situations with acne, but they want to maintain a youthful and healthy glow as well. If you go shopping at your local drug store today, you’re likely to find several different products touting that they are full of vitamins, especially vitamins B3 and B5. These are all vitamin-enriched products that claim to help your skin, but do they?