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Safeguard Your Health from Viruses!

In a world filled with microorganisms, many of which can cause diseases and infections, safeguarding our health from viruses is a top priority. The ongoing challenges presented by various viruses, such as the flu, common cold, and more recently, the pandemic-causing viruses like COVID-19, have underscored the vital importance of virus protection. Prevention is the […]

Here’s Why Eating Gluten Is Dangerous For Your Health

Diet plays a major role in keeping your body healthy. What you don’t know is that instead of being beneficial, some of what you eat might actually be harmful for your body. Take bread, pasta, French fries, or pizza—how can they be bad for you? Given that all these food contain gluten, you might want […]

How Juice Is Made: From Produce to Product

What makes fruit juices so popular? The answer lies in its namesake: fruit. People instinctively and naturally associate fruit juices with the fresh, fleshy, edible, plucked produce that grow on trees and plants. As a result, fruit juices are perceived to be healthy.

The Juice on Fruit Juice

Fruit juice is a household favourite. It is a drink that few parents would discourage their children from consuming. In fact, if you have children, you would much prefer your children to be drinking fruit juice rather than that sinful fizzy drink!

The Food and Mood Feud

The bond between your mood and food is strong. Your mood is able to cause you to devour an entire bag of cookies and dig into a whole tub of ice-cream goodness without thinking twice. When times get tough, you get eating.While consuming an excess of your favourite foods may wondrously and almost instantly calm you down in stressful conditions, are you aware that eating all that extras can have a negative effect on you? While you might be thinking that you deserve to be feeling better, your body doesn’t deserve the additional work. How then can you stay on top of things, even when you are down?

Exercise: How Much Is Enough?

Exercise is a building block of good health and people often wonder how much is enough. Although there are some who cannot get enough of it, many of you find yourselves lingering in the dusty wake of your highly motivated compatriots, unable to keep up with your own ambitions. So you cross our fingers, keep your shoes dusted, and wait for new research findings to inform you of a lower, more manageable exercise requirement that still delivers great health benefits! Yet after all the research and planning, you still somehow find yourself giving up even before you begin. What is the real problem?

Vitamin E for Smokers

We all know that smoking is bad for our health and in particular the lungs. However, smoking’s effect on the body reaches further than just the lungs and is the cause for many diseases in the body. Many of these conditions result not necessarily from the act of smoking, but from the fact that smoking causes the body to use its stores of vitamins much more quickly.